Sunday, 27 May 2012

Stone wall with Lichen

I finished a piece of mixed media textile art today. As this is a mouthful, I am going to call my works Teeny Tiny Textile Art.
Here it is:

This piece started from this macro picture:

I decided to create a piece with just a few stones. I used some small pieces of felt in five shades of grey. I padded each 'stone' with a little wadding. I decided to add 'mortar' to my stones. To create this I used space dyed floss in shades of grey with hints of green. I sewed a rough satin stitch to join the pieces, stitching in different directions to add texture and interest. To create the lichen effect I needle felted with greeny grey uncarded felting wool, highlighted with a vivid yellowy green merino wool tops. I do not have any mustardy coloured wool tops yet so used artistic licence. When I had finished the stitching I felt the piece needed 'lifting'. I added some very small beads to the 'lichen' choosing some which matched the colour of the wool and some clear beads which I added to some of the 'stones'. I wanted to give the effect of water droplets and I am very pleased with the result.

Detail of felting and beads.

 Further detail of stitching.

This piece has taken quite a long time to finish as it has quite a few elements in it. It has been a satisfying experience however.
I shall probably make my next picture one of the flower/leaf/seedhead macros I have taken.
I would really appreciate some comments on this piece.