Monday, 9 January 2012

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #26

This week we have 105 words and must include all these words:
                                   Aghast  Aquamarine  Aeroplane  Acted  After 

Agatha stood aghast at the sight of the tiny aeroplane, tumbling like a falling toy, towards the aquamarine sea. She acted fast, running to the telephone, and alerting the authorities. 
After the shock had receded, she reflected on the chances of those on board the aircraft. 
She decided to wander down to the beach. Spotting something crawling towards the shore she stopped and looked again, shading her eyes from the bright sunlight. It was a man. She raced over to him stumbling in her unsuitable shoes. She knelt without regard for her shantung frock. He was alive. " My love..." she cried weeping with relief.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Had my first Ever massage today...

I was given a Massage voucher for my birthday. I've never really fancied being massaged. It has always seemed strange to me to let a total stranger get so close to me. My recent experiences receiving cancer treatment have also ALL been ouchy too. Anyway, I realised the kind friend would discover I had not used my gift as she goes to the same lady! So, with some apprehension I rang just before Christmas and made an appointment for today. Good I thought, puts it off for a bit longer.

This morning arrived. I checked myself over, I was fit and well. To the massage I must...

The massage was amazing! Diana Douglas  does NO HANDS®  massage. While she uses her hands to smooth on oil, the massage is done using the inner side of her forearms. The massage consists of rhythmic pressing and smoothing, with some stretching and extending. There was none of the kneading that I had feared from massage. The table had a heated pad on it and I was cocooned in towels, except for the area on which Diana was working. The massage lasted an hour and was conducted in a beautiful studio in the garden. I was given time to rest afterwards then went indoors to relax on a sofa and drink a cool glass of water.

This is a description of the ethos:

NO HANDS® Massage is deep, relaxing, rejuvenating and nourishing.   During a treatment, I use the soft surfaces of my forearms rather than my hands, which allows me to effectively transfer much more of my bodyweight into the client.  This enables both a deeper and more relaxing, releasing treatment than with conventional Massage.  

NO HANDS  Massage works – on every level:
          Physical          Energetic          Emotional          Mental          Spiritual

This is Massage for life, not just for the odd injury or occasional pampering, but Massage to help your journey through life.

Diana did not ask me to blog about this, and I am receiving no remuneration or reward for writing this. I am recommending this purely because after only one session I can feel the benefits. In addition to feeling relaxed, my body feels better able to function. I feel renewed. I shall definitely be returning regularly. Diana has assured me that my body will 'learn' to relax to make the massage more effective. I did struggle to stop my body tensing to 'help' lift or move limbs. I would recommend anyone who lives in or near East Northamptonshire to give this a go with Diana, who offers a first massage at a very substantial discount. Mr G has already booked up. For others, there are practitioners elsewhere in the country.

Monday, 2 January 2012

One Hundred Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #25

Our prompt this week is:
to write as the arrowed Santa.

     A night with the Girls.

Bao Yu said it would be fun.
She said it was a multicultural opportunity.  Costumes were to be provided by the organisers. 
Look at me! I look ridiculous.
Mother said I would grow out of my baby panda fat. Well I haven’t yet.
My t-shirt does not look nearly as good as the rest.
The hat! What’s with the red and the fluff? It itches; it makes my face look fat.
That food,  that Christmas Pudding.
I want to go home. 
Thank goodness I’ll be back home soon, only two more days of this madness...

Sunday, 1 January 2012

A second 50 words from theotheralig

I am adding my second fifty words to this starter from Anna's blog Mrs Halford's Blog

♫ Driving home for Christmas ♫” played as Kyle flicked the cruise control. He patted his pocket for the umpteenth time...still there. He smiled to himself as he pictured the scene that was to come. He had everything in place: this Christmas would be like no other. 

He pulled up on the drive and then quietly let himself in. She looked up but stayed seated. He went over and knelt beside her. He handed her his gift. He touched the tiny head at her breast.
“ Thank you, my darling, for my son, the best present ever”