Monday, 23 July 2012

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#51

I have not written for weeks. However, tonight I have time before I begin my internet sabbatical.
The prompt from Julia is …. the line was drawn ….

It was time...

Yes, it was time the line was drawn under the whole unfortunate affair. Quite how Esme and Beatrice had managed to escape their Nanny will never be known. What persuaded them to acquire the toad is also veiled in mystery.
The bald fact that Grandmamma is still sniffing on smelling salts as if her life depended on them is inescapable. However, there is no point in carrying on as if the world has come to an end when it has not. They are naughty, naughty girls.
It was very funny though I should not say so...
Grandmamma has a very loud scream!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


The weather has exerted more influence this year than I can ever remember. I experienced the drought of 1976. We all stood fully clothed in the rain after weeks of baking sunshine.
The tremendous irony of being under drought restrictions as the heavens opened in cataclysmic style escaped no-one. All around me were jokes about the rain. Now all drought restrictions have been lifted. We all long for a prolonged change in the weather so that we can dry out literally and metaphorically.
However the plants and trees have been enjoying their prolonged drinking session. As I drive the country lanes the verges are blowsy with overgrown sappy vegetation. Our lawn became a meadow, Mr G has resorted to a sickle to lower the height of the grass. As he commented sickles can operate in ALL conditions. His sickle was purchased at a market stall specialising in old hand tools. It has been honed to razor sharpness and now the meadow has been mown.
Today the sun shone though. As I stepped out into the garden this afternoon I could hear the bees buzzing in amongst the lavender and fox gloves. Their relief at being able to forage in the warmth was almost palpable.

Photo from here

As I write the clouds are gathering once more. Through one window the sky is blue with powder puff clouds. Looking the other way, the window frames an all too familiar picture of lowering rain filled clouds. It looks like it is raining in the valley.

For those awaiting a new piece of Teeny Tiny Art, there is a new very different piece, still in my style, at planning stage.  A completed piece will be going to a lovely person before the end of the month. When the originals are safely delivered to their new homes I will publish pictures of them here.