Thursday, 27 December 2012

I made a Crafty Christmas.

In November I signed up for  Crafty Creatives boxes. The boxes arrive monthly and contain surprise themed crafting materials as well as a kit for making a complete article. My first box was vintage/Christmas inspired. I made these from it adding materials I already had.
We received a bundle of cinnamon sticks. I used some satin and gauze ribbon to tie them up for the tree.
We also got two plastic hoops. I wrapped one in white ribbon and glued gems around it to create sparkle.
This one is wrapped in red ribbon and has silver metal snowflakes from a broken earring suspended in the middle.
The wings on this angel card for a friend were made from icy sequins contained in my my second box themed on frost and snow.
Finally my craft work for Christmas included these items I made as gifts and for my online shop Teeny Tiny Textile Art

 These hearts were personalised by embroidering initials and adding bells (from November Crafty Creatives box) for those for my grandchildren.
 I had already regained my creative mojo but I'm looking forward to my future Crafty Creatives boxes.