Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Teeny Tiny Textile Art Stash and tools.

Several people have expressed an interest here
in what goes into a Teeny Tiny Textile Art piece.
I blogged the story of making a picture
This is a photo blog of the materials and tools I use.


I use felt as the basis of my pictures as it is very versatile. It does not fray and can be stitched, glued and needlefelted.

A. Loosely needlefelted wool felt; B. Commercially produced Wool/Viscose Felt; C. Commercially produced needlefelted shape; D. Handmade wool felt.

A. Bluefaced Leicester; B. Suri Alpaca; C. Lambswool; D. Wensleydale Curls; E. Merino Tops

Fibres and threads are sorted by colour and stored in translucent containers.

An example of all the different shades of blue I can choose from.

A. Commercial Variegated Cotton Embroidery Floss (6 strand); B. Rayon Embroidery Floss; C. PolyCotton Sewing thread; D.Space Dyed Matt Cotton Embroidery Floss (6 strand); E. Single colour Embroidery Floss (6 strand)

Tools of the trade.

The needles with the handles are needle felting needles in three different gauges. These can be used to create felt and to add pattern, texture and detail with fleece to my pictures.  The sewing needles are used for embroidery and stitching buttons and beads onto my pictures. The coin is a penny so that you can see how small some needles can be.

Good quality scissors are essential for accurate cutting. The tweezers are useful when handling tiny embellishments.

Glue is used to mount my pictures but also secures found items such as shells or feathers.

This has been a whistlestop tour around the things that create the basis of Teeny Tiny Textile Art pictures.
Next time I will show you all the embellishments I use regularly.