Friday, 19 August 2011

10 tips towards an easier life.

1. Do not worry about the state of your house - it is yours to live in as you wish. (I'd keep it hygienic though)
2. Accept help if is offered. (Why be a martyr?)
3. If you can, use an internet shopping service. (I have tried this and it worked well for me)
4. Know your own limits (Mr G reminded me of this!)
5. Do not iron things that are not seen outside your house (I have NEVER ironed sheets, pillowcases, tea towels or underwear)

6. Build in some down time each week (as a full time teacher I could easily work 24/7, I try to manage my workload so I have most weekends free)
7. Try not to worry about things you cannot change. (This was a hard one for me - but I have learned to accept and move on.)
8. Do not do worrying for other people. (Again a hard one but some people LOVE to download their worries onto others and expect them to sort it out! Obviously I try to help my nearest and dearest)
9. Aim to include fun activities into your life regularly ( It is really easy to grind along the same old rut week in week out never making time for fun)

10. Lastly remind yourself regularly of all the good things in your life, seize life's chances, you never know what may come your way.