Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Happy Granny...

Today, there was a wonderful first in my life. My granddaughter talked to me on the phone for the first time, aged 1 year and 352 days. She told me that she had a pink nose, and that Daddy had painted it for her. I was nearly tearful to hear that dear little voice talking to her faraway Granny.

My granddaughter and friend.

I continued chatting to my son about general stuff, then remembered I had found his beloved childhood red tractor. When I told him he was delighted. The tractor has been dragged around several homes of mine over the last few years. I found it this last weekend in full sight. I think I had not noticed it, but have been thinking about my granddaughters birthday. This, I think, made me realise how pleased she would be to be able to play with a toy that had belonged to Daddy. The tractor now sits next to a beautiful yellow car I found as a plaything to live at Granny's house.

Daddy's old tractor.

A little later, my son asked me if I would tell my granddaughter how good she was for brushing her teeth so well. She told me she had brushed her teeth so I told her that Granny thought she was a very clever girl. My son reported that she was beaming with pride at my praise. I was just thrilled to be able to say goodnight to her as well. I've always enjoyed the videos my daughter in law posts, so I suggested skype to my son. He says my granddaughter expects to see family faces on the computer so next time we'll skype and I'll get to see the painted nose and the clean teeth! Very happy Granny.