Friday, 2 September 2011

The Celebration.

Today, Mr G and I went to Ely to have our Celebration Meal. This is to mark the end of my treatment and the end of Summer Holidays. However we had a couple of jobs to do before we got there. The first job was to take some of my things to my school in the city. The school was in chaos as the men mending the heating still had holes in the floors, the heating was ON so it was boiling, and the site manager was busy putting up a board in my room. Mr G and I said hello to everyone, drew a plan of how I want my room, and rescued all the DVD's and CD's from one of the bags so I can sort them out, and beat a hasty retreat. As I was not scheduled to work today in phased return plans, maybe it was a good thing I could not do more.


Our next job was to take my Smart fortwo Roxie, to the car hospital. She has a rumbly brake and needs it fixing. I take her to see Mark at fudgesmart, he and Shawn are great at fixing these little cars.
Finally we headed to Ely, here we met our first traffic jam of the day. As we crept towards the railway bridge we realised that, once again, someone had driven an over height vehicle under the bridge. The Luton style van had had its roof removed as if a can opener had been run around it. There was a rather poignant mattress sticking up through the hole. A police officer was reversing it away from the bridge and two crestfallen men were surveying the damage.

 When we reached  Peacocks  we were delighted to find there was no queue. We were seated in the room you can see in the picture and quickly confirmed our choice of    Peacock's New Pink Perfection , the link shows the menu, but we enjoyed smoked salmon, fizzy pink wine and scones with jam and cream. I had rose petal tea, which was almost exactly like drinking the perfume of a beautiful scented rose.

We enjoyed a walk by the river before popping into the city centre to mooch around the shops while our lunch settled and the pink wine wore off. We were surprised when a single Tornado aircraft roared overhead performing a flypast, but later spotted a gentleman in RAF dress uniform near the Cathedral and later found that there had been a Wedding.
Our journey home took ages as we hit traffic jam after traffic jam. It was not until we were nearly home when we heard that there had been a tragic air accident which closed the A1. I send condolences to the family of the pilot who died. Despite this sad news, Mr G and I had a brilliant, if busy, celebration day.
Next week sees us both back to work, Mr G after six weeks school holiday and me after seven months off sick. We are both looking forward to this next part of our life together.