Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Small pleasures...

We all know what big pleasures are, days out, a meal out, celebrations. I enjoy all of them. However there is a risk that between these events life can become humdrum, leading us to live merely from exciting event to exciting event. I used to be like that a number of years ago. Initially it was when I was in a depressed frame of mind, only really enjoying events that took me away from what I found difficult. Fortunately I was able to recognise this and made changes to my life. Part of what held me back was a degree of timidity and lack of self worth. I have worked on both in the intervening years.


My life has recently been turned upside down and I was unable (for a while) to partake in big pleasures. This was then when I developed my eye for the small pleasures. The first of these comes from our bird feeding station. We erected it when we moved here just over a year ago. The birds of course ignored it completely for months. However, just as I became almost housebound, the birds moved in. I have been delighted by birds of many varieties, first gathering food for their chicks and then the juvenile birds with all their antics.

The next small pleasure I have rediscovered has been reading. The pressures of my career meant that I rarely read, except during holidays. As Mr G likes us to get out and about, this meant extended reads were limited.
I  have used the local library a lot in my convalescence and the delight in spotting a 'new' book by a favourite author is hard to beat. I have relished the time to read, and have widened my reading too. A good book is the best escape from a sometimes uncomfortable time.

The last small pleasure has developed from the rides out into the country with Mr G. We have explored country lanes and thoroughly enjoy spotting hidden beauty around where we live. The pastoral landscape provides views to be savoured and slowly absorbed. We have seen red kites circling in the skies, fields full of sheep and lambs, cows and calves. We have explored vistas that stretch for miles and tiny hidden valleys. England is very beautiful.
 I have learned to enjoy all my life, not just the big, fun parts. The small pleasures are sometimes the best.