Tuesday, 6 September 2011

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

This challenge is now in it's ninth week. The starter we were given was "Mary thought". The challenge is to add 100 words to the starter. The genre I have chosen reflects books I have been reading lately. I hope you enjoy it.

An incident.

The incident room hummed with expectation.  As Detective Superintendent Taylor entered, the room hushed as if a wind had blown out the chatter. In silence Taylor placed several photos on the large board. They were shocking, Mary thought she had never seen such violence personified. She shuddered quickly and violently. The victim lay as if shattered, the pieces resting against a wall. It was clear that even the most concerted efforts could not have saved him. How could this have happened?  It seemed inconceivable that this could have been an accident. Taylor addressed the room. 
”This is H. Dumpty” he said.