Sunday, 4 September 2011

Chintz and stationery.

Lately I have developed a real passion for chintz. My liking began last year when I bought a chintz lanyard for school and a phone case. Sadly, the phone case was stolen! While I've been out of action I have had lots of time to browse the interwobbles and get lots of ideas. A few weeks ago, I prevailed upon Mr G to take me to the Cath Kidston  factory shop. I was in chintzy heaven! The shop is a dream of chintzy loveliness. I bought a couple of things which are a birthday surprise I won't spoil here. For myself, I bought two pencil cases, one contains lots of stationery, the other is a skinny one for pens. The latter fits well in my handbag. Recently, I found a link  to this  Sew Surprising  on my facebook page and contacted Helen. I bought the big bag in the picture below.

My chintzy loveliness.

In addition to my desire for chintz, I also love stationery. I love my rollerball cartridge pens, and buy crayons to support my drawing habit regularly. At Easter, the school staff put together a fabulous box of goodies for me. As well as Easter eggs, an Easter chick soft toy and plants and other things from socks to hand cream, I also received some super stationery. I got a pen, notebook and some delicious post-it notes. These items have been kept safe and will be adorning my school bag on Monday when I return.

Alas, my chintz love needs to be confined to bags, stationery and mugs. My G does not share my passion, and to be fair why should he? Nevertheless, I enjoy all my chintzy bits and pieces. As for the stationery I fear I am a doomed. Now what was the site for those new wipe off crayons - ah found it! I told you I was a lost cause...