Tuesday, 28 February 2012


We moved two weeks ago. It was a long hard day. Two super removal men toiled tirelessly hauling our possessions up the car park, through the archway, onto the van. Twelve and a half hours it took.
By the time we were in, I was ready to weep with weariness, we fell into bed. The house was really cold, there had been minimal heating all over the coldest weather. As I hung curtains the next day, it was as if there was cold emanating from the walls, as indeed it was. The views from the back windows warmed my heart though. Open countryside, stretching for miles.
We had put the bird feeding station up the day we moved in. I expected a long wait, but on the first day, we had goldfinches, blue tits, great tits, blackbirds and a robin, while overhead soared red kites.
The soothing effect of the move to the country has been quickly realised. We are both calmer and definitely in love with our new home.
As I sit typing in our now snug sitting room, I can only give thanks that Mr G spotted this lovely home, and that we were able to get it. I'm home.

                  The view from my kitchen window.