Sunday, 11 March 2012

Beginning my life in the country...

                                         Photo by Ross via Geograph

Wow, wow and wow! We knew the setting of our new home was good. Today it has revealed itself as amazing. We went out for a walk to deliver a letter and met a lovely lady. We had been looking across the valley on the other side of the road, watching a hot air balloon. There were lambs a few fields away, and we watched as they frolicked about. The lady, C, suggested we went on the gated road which runs from the Lower part of our village across to the nearby Cow Pasture wood. As it was such a glorious afternoon, we headed out straight away. It was very worth it. The road runs through a little hidden valley, looking for all the world like a tiny part of the Dales or the Peak District. The ewes and their lambs were quite unfazed by us. Some of the lambs have reached the charging around in gangs stage, and were doing just that. The lambs are all different colours, some white, some spotted, all entirely gorgeous. The stream which flows from the bottom of the field at the back of our house, is more developed along the gated road. It has cut a minature gorge and there is also an ancient sheep wash. Above the valley to the east, the vestiges of ridge and furrow cultivation can clearly be seen.
The move was very stressful but the result is entirely worthwhile. When I turn off the road from the city, through the stone built town, and on into the countryside, my souls sings a song of exultation. Home, I am home.