Monday, 16 April 2012

I made a tiny picture...

I finished my first multimedia picture today and here it is...

It is twice the size of a credit card. I purposely made it very tiny so that I could finish it quite quickly. The sheep  were made by using needle felting. I had collected sheep and lambs wool from the field. I washed and carded it.  The three sheep in a line were made with adult sheep wool. The sheep at the bottom of the picture is made from lambs wool. I embroidered the field using a single strand of embroidery floss in a colour close to that of the felt. The stone wall is made from a piece of ribbon sewn on using space dyed embroidery floss in shades of grey. Although you cannot see it well in this picture, the wall is sewn to represent blocks of stone. I needle felted the tree using wool tops in brown and three shades of green. Finally I embroidered the greenery at the base of the tree using three strands of floss in different shades of green. Here, I used a mixture of chain stitch, tiny lazy daisies and stem stitch.

Wool tops are often made from merino wool which has long even fibres. They can be dyed one colour or space dyed where the fibres (or fabric) is dyed several colours to create a tonal or multicoloured effect. There are also various different types of wool from rare breeds which I will also explore using.
I have collected quite a few resources now and have taken a lot of macro photographs around the village.

The other piece I have begun was inspired by a photo of a stone wall with lichen growing on it. I am using felt in shades of grey which I have sewn onto an Aida base. I am going to pad each of the 'stones' with a little wadding. I will embroider the lichen using embroidery floss space dyed in the various lichen colours. I'm not sure what stitches I will use yet, that will be a matter of experimenting first.