Saturday, 29 October 2011

I had a lovely time.

This week, after yet ANOTHER hospital procedure on Tuesday, we went to Hastings on Wednesday for a little rest and recuperation. I ought to use the word 'rest' advisedly as we walked miles!
 We visited Batemans on the way down. The house was stunning and the setting was very peaceful. However I do wish some parents would realise how adversely the behaviour of their children affects others. I am less mobile than I was, and find children running in confined places (and I might add running, where it was expressly forbidden) unsettling. The running about where not allowed continued as a theme all through my break!

After Batemans, we continued down to Hasting via Bexhill on Sea, (mostly closed) and St Leonards (also mostly closed). I had never been to Hastings before. It must have been glorious in its heyday when all the large properties along the Sea Front were all shiny and prosperous. Old Hastings is fascinating with all the creosoted wooden fishermen's net huts. They were very atmospheric as it got darker before sunset.

Photo from BBC

We had a delicious evening meal at the Trattoria Italiana  It was some of the best Italian food I have eaten outside Italy. Super friendly service too. 
The next day, we went first to Winchelsea. This is an amazing town (the size of a small village) built on a grid pattern. It is quiet and very pretty indeed. We enjoyed tea and cake in a teashop that was warm and welcoming. Later, we explored around Rye and Romney Marsh. We went out to Dungeness where Mr G climbed the Lighthouse. I don't do high, so I kept warm in the car. The wind and rain rendered a bleak place even more so. The weather improved in the afternoon so we went into Rye. We found a little cafe that served doorstep toasties, we both had cheese and onion - they were fab.
We travelled home on Friday via the The Historic Dockyard, Chatham.  This was amazing. The Ropery guided tour was enthralling. We then got to see the Master Ropemakers at work in the longest brick building I've ever seen. I could not see the ends even when in the middle! Mr G enjoyed the Submarine visit and the steep ladder access bits of HMS Cavalier (a destroyer) and HMS Gannet (a sloop). I enjoyed the level bits! The historic Lifeboat Exhibition was really good with a varying height walkway that meant I could easily have fear free access to all the boats. This visit was marred by unchecked 'running about'. 

 I do apologise if I am coming across as a grumpy old woman, but my own children were never allowed to run about spoiling things for other people. If they did not stop misbehaving, we went home, this soon stopped the problem.

These few days away have been a much needed break for both of us. Thanks to a big refund from British Gas (I told them we were paying too much!) we were able to have lots of treats too. I feel less stressed and better able to face returning to work. Now I'm looking forward to my I'm Alive and Nearly 55 Party next Saturday