Tuesday, 22 November 2011

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups #20

The 100 word challenge for grown ups contains this prompt this week:   …the powers that be /the apple of his eye /the writing on wall… We may choose one of these. I've chosen to use all three!

Mea Culpa

She stood beside the old weathered door. So, she thought, the powers that be have spoken. She knew each of them was the apple of his eye; the benevolence included them all, whoever they were. She did not care that the writing on the wall, she would do it her way. How dare they restrict her! She opened the creaking door and busied herself in the musty, dusty gloom. She continued confidently, hands familiar with tasks repeated over the years. She whispered her litany “Cow parsley is made by Him, so Cow Parsley I will keep in my flower arrangements”