Sunday, 27 November 2011

What I've learnt this year.

This year has been very difficult. Mr G says he just wants it to finish. I must say that life threatening illness does definitely bring things into sharp focus. However, what positives have I got from all this?

Firstly, I now have three blogs, this one obviously, This and That and my professional one Mrs Green's RE Blog . I have discovered I really enjoy writing. I managed a little professional (as in pertaining to my job) writing too. I find the act of choosing words very carefully absorbing and oddly relaxing. I always enjoyed creating my sermons, in my previous life, and now I write on more subjects to a wider audience.

Another thing I discovered is that is that which does not finish you off makes you stronger. I am now stronger mentally, more compassionate, have more patience, greater depth of insight and above all a boundless love of living.

I have always loved my extended family. Now, I love and appreciate them almost more than words can express. My Mother in Law looked after me post op, and held me when I cried because I had to have chemotherapy. They have run with my name on their backs. I received pictures, photos and notes from my toddler granddaughter which lifted my spirits. They have all been amazing.

Lastly, I've rediscovered my religion. I'm not going to go into details, it is too small, nascent, and precious to discuss now. However to feel in touch with something that shaped my life for many years is exciting.