Tuesday, 15 November 2011

100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups #19

Julia has set us a cracking new challenge The prompt is: …’Are you sure it should be that colour?’ …. using dialogue and we have 150 words.

Now or never ...

“Darling, are you nearly ready?” The call came from downstairs.
“I’ll be down in a minute”
She stood before the mirror.
“It’s now or never” she whispered with resolve.
“Sorry, darling, just finishing off” She carolled over the banister.
“OK, but we MUST leave in five minutes”
She busied herself, strong now she had made her decision. She fluffed and fussed, occasionally glancing sideways.
She gazed once more in her looking glass.
Satisfied, she strolled out of the room and sashayed down the stairs.
“Darling, are you nearly ready?” he pleaded.
“I’m here” she murmured, “I just need my coat and bag”
“I’ll get your bag” he said without turning.
He turned...
“Wow, I mean... that’s amazing...”
“Isn’t it” she said touching her new grown crop.
“Are you sure it should be that colour?”
“Ha, don’t you know that grey is the new blonde!”
She was glad she had left the wig upstairs.